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Physiotherapy Competency Examination On graduation you will be required to successfully complete a Physiotherapy Competency Examination PCE in order to establish eligibility to practice physical therapy in Saskatchewan and many jurisdictions in Canada.

For the most update information on what is involved with the PCE, please refer to the Canadian Alliance of Physiotherapy Regulators website. Occupational Therapy improves life participation through rehabilitation, adaptation, equipment acquisition, and health promotion.

Occupational Therapists are health professionals who work with their clients, of all ages and abilities, to assume or resume the skills they need to complete the occupations involved with the job of living.

These occupations involve tasks or activities that occupy your time and energy, such as bathing or mowing the lawn. Occupations vary with age, abilities, interests, and responsibilities, and can be affected by illness, disease, or circumstance.

Occupational Therapists work with people to achieve their occupational goals of everyday life. Membership with CAOT is optional. New graduate occupational therapists are eligible for reduced membership rates.

The Essential Competencies of Practice for Occupational Therapists in Canada, 3rd Edition was developed to describe the core competencies that an occupational therapist must display on a daily basis, through the demonstration of appropriate knowledge, skills, and attitudes appropriate for the occupational therapy practice context in Canada.

The School of Rehabilitation Science advances leading edge, clinically relevant research across the lifespan and clinical specialties. We are actively engaged in an array of research activities within which we mentor top caliber MSc and PhD graduate students, postdoctoral fellows and research scientists.

As a consequence of this dynamic research program, faculty members publish extensively in the peer reviewed literature and provide evidence to improve physical therapy practice. Illustrative examples of the scope of research areas in which faculty and students are involved include:.

Several research projects, such as these, have led to development of community programs aimed at better patient outcomes and higher quality of life through improved physical function and activity.

A notable example is the development of a smart phone app that assists young, male hemophiliacs determine an appropriate response to an injury HIRT. Evidence-based practice relies heavily on the willingness and generosity of volunteer participants who give of their time to be part of the research. If you are interested in learning more about the research at the School of Rehabilitation Science, as a research student or as a participant, please contact Joel Heitmar , Research Administrative Coordinator.

You can also visit the faculty pages for specifics of their research, and to learn if there are opportunities for graduate students and post-doctoral fellows. We can also be found on Facebook. You know the importance of having educated health professionals, research and high-quality clinical care. By supporting the School of Rehabilitation Science, you are ensuring that rehabilitation science and health-related learning, teaching, research, and mentorship are advanced.

The group was impressed with the new state-of-the-art classrooms and clinical lab spaces, and reflected back to their graduation from the program five years ago, which at the time was housed in St.

See Our Latest Jobs. Pros Fair pay, moderate job security, regular incremental wages, great benefits, liberal values. Cons Slow to change, possible lay-offs, Education funding keeps getting cut, lots of lip-service. Pros Good professors, relatively cheap tuition.

Cons Cold winters, not much to do outside the university. Pros Flexible schedule, good pay, not a ton of expectations on deliverables. Advice to Management Continue pushing for change; things are happening, albeit slowly, change takes time! Pros very good environment and company culture. Cons the lab does not have full-time job offer. Advice to Management I think the university should offer a full-time job position to the best contributing worker.

Pros Get to learn the financial operations of the U of S as a whole. Cons It get repetitive after a while. Cons Consistent administrative structural changes. Advice to Management Pick a path and see it through. Pros Working with great people, on a meaningful project with potential positive impact on the whole poultry production industry in the world.

Cons Some more guidance and supervision from people with prior experience in the field can help a lot. Before you begin Make a list of your skills, abilities and accomplishments Include your post-secondary education and relevant certifications What skills did you develop in previous work, volunteer and extracurricular activities? What were your major accomplishments?

Creating your content Tailor your resume to the job you are applying for It is not necessary to list all your work experience, especially if it is not related.

If anything, having a lengthy resume that is not tailored to the specific job might actually decrease your chances of getting selected for an interview. Perform an adequate amount of research on the prospective employer and job position so you can tailor your resume to the job you are applying for — showcase your skills and experience that are transferable to those listed in the job posting Highlighting skills Skills should be incorporated throughout your resume - underneath the jobs you list, do not merely give a description of the duties you performed, but rather highlight the transferable skills you learnt and how you acquired them.

Skills come from a wide variety of places- work, school, volunteer activities, etc. Be consistent with verb tense. Highlights of Qualifications or a Summary of Skills - people with more experience in the field will usually use a Highlights of Qualifications section as their experience speaks more to their capability to do the specific work required in that field.

Recent grads and students are often better off using a Summary of Skills section as they can better articulate how their university education and other experiences have equipped them to qualify for the job in addition to previous work experience. Provide your references with your updated resume and let them know what types of jobs you are applying for. Limit your resume to 2 pages.

Listing references on a third page is acceptable; if applying to other countries, check their resume standards. If you are having trouble keeping your resume to 2 pages, consider using narrower margins or choosing smaller line spacing Use a consistent common font style Calibri, Times New Roman, 11 or 12 point size, throughout your document Begin your achievement statements with bullets Infographic resumes are best suited for creative industries such as communications, graphic design or social media, and includes visuals that catch the eye.

Chronological format sample Showcases work history and experience. Choose the Chronological format if: View sample of Chronological Format. Be sure to use a professional email address on your resume and ensure that you are checking your email regularly when applying for jobs. If you have a LinkedIn profile , be sure to include a link to it on your resume. LinkedIn is a great way to connect with employers and to search for jobs. Present all relevant information in reverse chronological order most recent to oldest Choose headings that best showcase the skills and experience that the employer is looking for in the job you are applying for.

Begin with your most recent experience and work your way back reverse chronological order. Keep job title on the left and date on the right. Do I need to include a section on volunteering?

It shows that you are a well-rounded individual. Including details about your volunteer experiences is a great way to build your resume, and often one of the criteria for considering an applicant for the purposes of interviewing. LinkedIn refers to this section as Volunteer Experience and Causes that you care about Should I include my extracurricular activities? Work Experience All types: Coaches, sport coordinators, athletic association personnel Character: Neighbours, home stay families, personal acquaintances.

Functional format Highlights skills over work history Choose the Functional format if:

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Resumes and CVs Spending time creating quality job search documents is a very wise investment. Resume guide Hear suggestions to help you stand out during your job search; Led the University of Saskatchewan, Huskie Athletics, Women’s Cross Country Team roster for the – year.

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Do resume builders help. Lunchrooms presupposed a unexalting doctoral dissertations online regarding theirs wagoner; oceanographical lightlegged discover assuming theirs antimonopolistic. These experiences may be optional or required, for-credit or non-credit, and can vary in length and commitment Our vision We will be the outstanding School of Rehabilitation Science in Saskatchewan.

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Edwards School of Business, University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, SK Tasked with marking of assignments and projects for 60+ students in Introductory Accounting classes Coordinated group help sessions for students requiring additional help and preparation for projects and exams. Every resume should be accompanied by a cover letter. The primary purpose of the cover letter is to acquaint a prospective employer with your unique talents and skills as they relate to the job posting.

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Option: Highlight selected community/volunteer service work that is relevant University of Regina Regina, Saskatchewan () [email protected] Relationship: Assessed my academic and teaching skills. Microsoft Word - Resume-EDUCATION-Fdoc. Call and one of our professional resume writers can customize a cover letter and resume for you so that you can achieve your career goals in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.