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It is particularly famous for its catalogs, as well as its annual fashion show. You can find a printable PDF application on this page. If you want to apply for a management or corporate position, you will need to fill out an online application.

Before you can start the application process, you will need to create an account on their hiring website. Creating an account is simple — you only need to provide a username and password. Once your account is created, you will move onto the core of the job application. She wanted to know about recent transactions. They told me when your order with vs you give them the right to do such thing with your info.

What a creep lady not to mention she called my mom and friend. She also asked them questions like where I live and work. This could happen to you. I asked to cancel an item from an order because I saw it in person and the item represented online looks so much better than the item in person. I was willing to receive the remainder of my order or cancel the whole thing.

Honestly these companies need to get up to speed or something, because in this day and age this is an unacceptable level of service. The plastic Clasp on the front of the bra broke. Took it back to the store and all they said was, "Oh well time to buy a new one. She did not seem to care. Now have to take it to a seamstress to fix it. I have not received a statement from VS, as I charge at the store to get the points then pay cash. Well, store in Deer Park, IL took my payment and "forgot" to give me the receipt.

Due to a sudden death in the family, I totally dismissed this. Now it is May and my account is in credit and collections. They show NO payment of the cash and will not even try and help me track what might have happened.

Who took my payment of cash that day??? No worries, my credit rating is over the top, this will not tarnish. Again, I tried to resolve this with no help or assistance from anyone at VS. I went there and was asking questions about their products.

I asked 3 girls about different things and each one was very snobby. I asked about the free gift and she chuckled and laughed as she got it for me It was just a bad part of my shopping being in there. I went to the store at Mohegan Sun. I always wore the wrong bra sizes and stopped wearing them. But this store got me fitted right, made me feel sexy again, comfortable, good support. What can I say I love the bras. I am Hispanic, I was tired that day so I looked tired. Today I called and choose the Spanish speaking person but the same.

I was explaining her my issues about my last payment. She got irritated and hung up on me. Is sad that being in this point of technology and there is not a way to make an automated payment.

As of next month I will not going back to one of your stores. Went into the store. Show them my receipt and even got loss prevention involved. They say they see us in the camera doing the payment but somehow our transaction just disappear from their systems.

And they would have to call corporate office to get it approve again. Went into the store again to do the transaction. They say it will clear in 24 hr.

Definitely not going there anymore and is happen to close my card with them. Wonder how many transaction just disappear out of their system and no one follow through with this issue. Like, literally just decided to discard it. I was getting a free tote and free shipping, due to coupons - they must have run out or something.

Either way, they claim that the order never existed. Promise to refund my money in 3 - 5 days. Followed return instructions carefully and correctly and no refund and no answer to any of my emails.

This is fraud - so buyer beware. They make it as hard as they can to pay your bill so they can charge fees. I have always paid on time and paid substantially more than the min payment so my pay, my payment record is clean. I have had many problems with trying to use their automotive system throughout the years.

I paid using the only checking account I have had in 25 year and completed the transaction writing down the confirmation number. I called to see out why. For some reason their computer system had changed one number and my checking account number could not be found. It took 1 hour to work it out - the payment was processed - the fees taken off. A few weeks later I called to check on my account.

I talked to 3 more customer service people and none of them would reverse the charges. I meant that little. I was treated rudely and will never ever use their credit card ever again.

Then all they care about is getting you to spend as much money as possible. I mean the sales people were helpful but it took me forever to find one who actually knew what she was taking about. It is extremely frustrating when VS or PINK discontinues a fragrance without warning, especially because they assume you will love their new ones. They did this several years ago with Fruity and Bright and are now messing with Fresh and Clean. A few months ago they were having one of their buy 2 get one free so I did.

I purchased several body mists and body lotion. I opened my last bottle and there was a totally different fragrance in the bottle although it was marked Clean and Fresh. The travel bottles never smell like the large size either. I brought it back tonight and exchanged it and bought 2 additional. I tested all three and purchase a travel size. Shame on me for not testing the travel because guess what?? It is a different scent. Is there any type of quality assurance? Do they clean their machines before making a new fragrance.

Now I am going to have to go back. Also, they discontinued the body lotion for the same fragrance. Why keep the scent if you are not keeping the entire line. Getting very frustrated with them and wondering if quality is a concern at all.

Well the store in the town I live in stinks from their customer service to the selection. And mostly their customer service. I like a lot about VS but their exspensive lace underware will not be pretty after it is washed.

First i washed my underware on delicate cycle. Anything with lace if it doesnt get holes the first time, it will the next. I just got in on a sale so bought dollars worth of undereware. I wanted these to last a while, they were beautiful. So i hand washed. Yes two of my five pair had holes in them.. I ordered a few items from VS online , it took me three weeks to get it in the mail. I contacted customer service and they said they would refund me to make up for the inconvenience.

I never got any refund! I used to online shopping a lot with VS, not anymore. Made a purchase a while ago. Items arrive however I needed to return a few items due to inconsistent sizing. I returned the items via Royal Mail, a month ago and I have no sign of refund.

Having emailed customer service, I was told a few times that the refund would take upto 30 days to be processed. Now that the 30 days has passed I am told that it is 30 business days. This sounds ridiculous and is not even stated on their website. I think it is completely unacceptable to take 6 weeks to process a refund. I will definitely not be ordering from this company again. I will be updating this review to share the outcome. I have spoken to three separate people and I found it extremely odd how my returned package was suddenly found after leaving this review.

I am pleased that the matter was resolved, however, I am not happy with how misinformed the employees who work at customer service are at least the ones I spoke with. I have increased the rating as the problem has been solved. They have taken 5 weeks to give me a refund. And then only gave me a partial refund. I had to email multiple times. I am an Angel Forever member , so I had added my items to my cart and had selected the offer codes to be automatically added to my order.

I contact customer service to cancel my order. I was speaking to someone and they said as a courtesy they would waive my shipping fee because the order has already been charged and processed they could not cancel my order.

This is only an hour after I placed my order. We get disconnected so I chat back and get another person, but also get disconnected.

Third time I chat back they said oh the first representative is only waiving half your shipping fee. I explained to them and they still said they could not waive it.

They tell me to call the customer service number for my compliant and they also cant do anything. The lady I spoke to sounded really nice when i first called, but once I gave her my information and she looked up the chats she lost interest and the niceties dropped.

People make mistakes I understand and I worked customer service before, but for a one time courtesy they could not do more than half is ridiculous especially when they can"t cancel your order and they charge you before your order ships. Never shopping with them again. They really do not care about their customers. Bought from the UK website and returned an item using their eshopworld prepaid label to France.

Would never buy again.

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Step 5: Upload A Resume Or Profile. On this step, you will be asked to submit a profile or resume to Victoria’s Secret from your local computer or through the third party service. If you don’t have a resume on your computer, you can fill out the online submission manually.5/5(1). Gear up for spring with the Victoria's Secret USA Spring sale, and save on any of the gorgeous pieces available. International customers can now buy Victoria's Secret in the USA today with Borderlinx, which will ship your items to you, with cheap shipping, tax & duties upfront estimated by .