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❶India Quick facts about India History for kids: Missing of lectures adds to the difficulty and results in the student lagging behind the class and dipped grades.

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Few of the areas are: Engineering Engineering is a major subject of science that is globally used and applied everywhere. It lasted for almost a century. India was given its independence in , following a nationalist movement led by Mohandas Ghandi. Social classes in India are called castes. Indian food is characterised by lots of spices, such as cinnamon, turmeric, coriander, anise and cardamom. Each region of India produces different kinds of food.

It is actually a tomb built in the 17th century to honour the wife of Shah Jahan, who died in childbirth. Poor children may have to work at a very young age to help their parents.

During his life, he was known for being a spiritual teacher. Guru Nanak — Guru Nakak founded Sikhism. Leaders of Sikhism are called Gurus in honour of Guru Nanak. Mohandas Ghandi — Mohandas Ghandi led a nationalist movement in India that supported independence from British rule. He was also called Mahatma, which is a title of honour.

Ghandi was known for supporting non-violent forms of protest. Rudyard Kipling — Rudyard Kipling is an English author who spent his some of his life as a child and young adult in India. His time in India and the culture there inspired much of his writing. Access thousands of brilliant resources to help your child be the best they can be. The capital of India is New Delhi, but the largest city is Mumbai.

Hindi is the main language in India, and most people speak English as well. The currency in India is the rupee. The main religion in India is Hinduism. The next most popular religion is Islam. Women in India wear saris, and men wear dhotis. Both are long pieces of cloth draped around the body in a certain way. Cows are seen as sacred in India — nobody eats beef, and most people are vegetarians. India has a very large film industry called Bollywood. Animals found in India include Bengal tigers, elephants, flying foxes, lions and macaques.

Indian Independence Day is celebrated on 15 August. India became independent after British rule on 15 August Many women in India wear saris , which are long pieces of cloth draped around the waist and shoulders — like a dress.

Men in India where dhotis, which is another kind of long piece of cloth that is tied around the waist and between the legs — like trousers.

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Where is India? India is in south Asia.. India lies between Pakistan, China and Nepal. Quick Facts: The customary greeting is done by putting your palms together and with a .

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India lies in south Asia, between Pakistan, China and Nepal. To the north it is bordered by the world's highest mountain chain. The capital of India is New Delhi, and the country’s largest cities are Mumbai (formerly Bombay), Delhi, and Kolkata (formerly Calcutta). India is the seventh largest.

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How it works: (1) The students send the homework help request to me. (2) If I cannot provide the homework help or if I'm too busy to do it, then I will email the homework request out to . National anthem of IndiaMore people live in India than in any other country in the world except China. India’s culture is one of the oldest and richest in the world. The capital is New Delhi.

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