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Prepaid cards
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The writers on the custom essays normally go through commonly in addition to in depth by way of an assortment of resources. So even when you use a quick cheap essay writing service, get prepared to open your wallet and pay generously. The cards eliminate the need to carry coins for pay phones, allow persons without a local telephone service account to make calls, and generally cost less than traditional collect, third party and telephone company calling card calls.

Prepaid phone card calls are also cheaper than most long distance calls made with coins from a local telephone company pay phone. However, like many new consumer products, prepaid phone cards are not trouble free. The direct marketing of such cards to consumers is recent, but has grown at a staggering rate. Today prepaid phone cards are produced by hundreds of companies, ranging from major telephone companies and credit card issuers to extremely small start up businesses.

While prepaid phone cards offer convenience, the real attraction of such cards for consumers is the possible savings compared to traditional ways of making calls away from home or office. Many consumers do not have the information about the cards that they need to make informed purchases. For this and other reasons consumers have had difficulties with some cards.

A prepaid phone card is really just a way of paying for telephone service in advance by establishing an account with a card issuer. The card itself has no value. This call is connected to a computer operated by or for the card issuer. The computer contains accounts identified by PINs.

After the caller dials a valid PIN, the caller can dial the local or long distance number the caller wishes to reach. If the call does not use up all the credit in the account, another call can be made until the account contains too little credit to pay for even a one-minute local call. Most prepaid phone card systems give callers a verbal report of the amount of credit remaining in an account after the PIN for that account is dialed.

Many prepaid phone card systems provide a second verbal message after the caller dials the number the caller wishes to reach. This second message tells the caller how long the caller can talk until the credit in the prepaid phone card account drops below the minimum required for a minute of service to the number dialed. A significant feature of prepaid phone cards is that callers frequently are unable to use all the credit in a card account.

If the caller made a twelve-minute local call the card would have 10 cents in credit left. Most other cards offer large retail networks but those retail partners often charge their own fees to add cash at their locations. This card is also great for families. You can set up sub-accounts for your kids and set spending limits for them.

The card also has a reserve function, so you can set aside money each month for a large purchase or family vacation. Both options charge a monthly fee, but offer their own set of perks. This chart can help you compare options: Take a close look at the table below to get a better understanding of which prepaid card is best for your situation.

While our list covered over half-a-dozen incredible options, we would be remiss if we did not touch upon one other. Not only does Bluebird come without any minimum balance requirements, but it also comes without monthly or annual fees, overdraft fees, foreign exchange fees, bill pay fees, inactivity fees, or card replacement fees.

For example, Bluebird offers its users an amazing online bill pay feature and the ability to write paper checks. Meanwhile, card owners can add cash for free using mobile check deposit or at any Walmart checkout register.

Checking accounts, for example, have fewer fees and stipulations when compared to prepaid debit cards. That being said, there are scenarios where a prepaid debit card can come out as the winner. If you do not fit into any of the categories above, then your best bet is to sign up for a free or low-cost or free checking account. No, a credit history is not required in order to be eligible for a prepaid debit card. In fact, the original design of the prepaid debit card was so that people with poor or nonexistent credit history would still have the convenience of not needing a bank account to use a card.

However, prepaid debit cards will not help you build or establish a credit history. You can find a variety of banks and credit unions nationwide that offer prepaid debit cards. However, the types of prepaid debit cards and their various perks will vary. To get a better perspective for your situation, we highly recommend contacting your local bank or credit union of choice to find out more about their offerings.

Additionally, prepaid debit cards can be purchased in most major drugstore chains and supermarkets. Prepaid debit cardholders will soon have access to free-to-use online portals as well as liability and fraud protections. Cardholders will also have an easier time keeping track of their account without having to pay for online bill pay and balance reports.

In most cases, prepaid debit cards are reloadable. This is due, largely, to the fact that you cannot overdraw on a prepaid debit card. The only funds available are the funds you put on the card. Say you are looking to apply for a short-term loan.

In some cases, a lender can deposit the amount of that loan onto a prepaid debit card for immediate use. This is what is known as a prepaid debit card loan. In most cases, the ease of use made possible by a prepaid debit card means you can use that loan money for a variety of everyday expenses.

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Create your own custom Netspend Prepaid Card. Personalize it with a pic of a family member, pet, or your own photo. Custom Cards. Show Off Your Sense of Style. Customize your Netspend Card with a unique image or a photo of you to express your personality, or add a photo of your face to help merchants know when it’s not you. Information on launching your own white label / private label custom general purpose reloadable debit card program where you can design your own cards with you.