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Avoid These Three Mistakes On Your Nursing Personal Statement


❶Here are some tips:. Basically, your task here is to bring your reader in line.

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While hospitals and physician offices once relied on a paper system to keep track of all records […]. Reasons to Work at a Hospital. Now is a good time to consider returning to school and seeking employment in one of the most stable careers in the world.

As is the case with almost any type of health care career, medical assistants who specialize in one particular field have better opportunities of advancement, pay raises, and job stability throughout the length of their careers. Specialization only comes after years of experience and education, so the […]. Related Posts Nursing School Tips: June 5, at 2: Post a Reply Cancel Reply Your email address will not be published. Featured Posts Healthcare Jobs: Then you proceed to the introduction.

This section is where you set up your research question and present your readership with the expected outcomes. You can also specify the terminology that you are going to use in your essay. The main objective of this section is to prepare your audience for the information that they are about to receive.

Therefore, when you are writing your introduction, you should imagine your reader — someone who is aware of the topic but is not quite in line with what you are about to say.

Basically, your task here is to bring your reader in line. Finally, the conclusion of your essay is where you summarize all the data and evidence that you have given in the main body by presenting your reader with the conclusions to which your research has lead you.

These should be briefly summarized in the same order in which your thought was flowing as you were on your way to your main conclusion. Make sure not to miss any significant pieces, and, of course, remember to keep it individual — reveal how exactly you have come from your research data to your conclusions. Once your first draft is complete, you should not immediately jump to editing it into the final version.

At this point, you need a break — some time to settle your thoughts in your mind. The recommended interval is one to three days. After that, you will be able to give your draft a fresh look that it desperately needs. Your essay will be required to be of a certain amount. You do not need to think about it when preparing the first draft. First, you include all the information that you have gathered, and then you slice off the less relevant and meaningful pieces until you reach the required volume, thus refining the end result.

While doing this, make sure that every question that you have put forward in your essay is answered. If a question is not answered or it get you confused, you are not positive about your expertise on the issue, etc. Use reliable online services or software to check the spelling and grammar.

Try to read the text out loud to see how it flows, mark the areas where the flow of the text seems somewhat sloppy and give those areas some serious consideration. Such people should meet two requirements: Also, remember that you are not obliged to implement all of their suggestions, feedback should be treated with a healthy dose of criticism. Very importantly, take care that you begin early so that you had enough time to refine your nursing essay properly.

The process of perfecting your essay can last forever, so stick strictly to the timeframe that you have allocated for refining your draft. Once you feel like your nursing essay is what it should be, it is the high time to put it in the required shape. Take care that you follow the formatting instructions from your nursing school.

It would be a crying shame to let such small details get in your way. The important details here are the font, spacing, margins, etc. Normally, the required font is Times New Roman 12, the spacing is 1. As mentioned before, it is a good idea to use online tools, but they do not necessarily need to be limited to grammar and spellcheck. You can use a keyword density tool to see if some words or phrases repeat too often. If they do — replace them with synonyms to make your text more colorful and pleasant to read.

Consider finding and employing online plagiarism-checking tools to avoid any incidental plagiarism. Because even if plagiarism is not intended, it still counts as such. If you happen to have found some pieces of such unintended plagiarism, it is no reason to get disappointed.

It does not mean that you have to start your essay from scratch. You can turn it into your benefit by referencing the works that your plagiarism-checker has found and thus expand your bibliography. Speaking of your bibliography, make sure that it lists your sources in the required format.

There are online tools where you simply input your literature, and it processes the list into the required format. Some of the online tools are free, others are available by paid subscription. Do not discard the paid ones by default, but consider them also.

Their price may be well worth it to make your nursing application essay truly shine. While writing is always a useful skill, it is clearly not essential to the job of a nurse.

In other words, writing is not what makes a good nurse. It is always possible to get professional writing help at a reasonable price. If you find and address the right one, you can be sure that your essay will be to the point, well-written, and delivered on time. How to Write a Nursing Essay. Here are some tips: Here are a few examples of such topics for you to get the idea:

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